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The Revised Cafe

The history of Roadhouse Cafe goes back to 1991 when two brothers, Ranjan and Chandan opened a cafe in the heart of Thamel named Roadhouse Cafe, inspired by the hit song “Roadhouse Blues”
by The Doors.

Over the years, the business grew and with experience it expanded. Chandan’s stint working in Italy in the food industry was a big boon to their enterprises. The experience inspired the European culinary feel and aesthetic of the restaurants.

The brothers acquired a second eatery called La Dolce Vita, also in Thamel. As time went on they opened more Roadhouse Cafes, capitalising on their reputation.

Today, they have four Roadhouse Cafes, a newly opened Roadhouse Pizzeria, the swanky Mezze by Roadhouse, classic Italian restaurant, La Dolce Vita and a hotel in Pokhara called Temple Tree. The hospitality group continues to grow with a new hotel currently under construction in the heart of Thamel, Hotel Roadhouse and two more Roadhouse Cafés in the pipeline in Pokhara and also New Delhi, India.

The Roadhouse Cafés are a known and a loved brand that invokes quality service and food also providing a stylish and comfortable ambiance.

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