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Hamro Engineering Solution

The Firm has been established in the year 2075 B.S. (2018 A.D.) as a Private Firm pursuant to sub-section (2) of section 15 Ja of the Cottage & Small Industries  Act, (2073 B.S.) of the Nepal Government. Hamro Engineering Solution is established to make a maximum of its effort in order to contribute to the development activities within the country with overall environmental and social aspects around the neighborhood in an optimum balance.

The main field of activities of this firm is Planning, Survey, Design, Supervision, research and management of the projects within all fields of engineering and related science. From the outset, our primary concern has always been to render professional and personal services of the highest quality to our clients who include government, non-government and private enterprises.

The company is very much concerned mainly with the following:

  • Professional ethics;
  • Timely Performance;
  • High standard;
  • Total quality assurance;
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Client satisfaction

Hamro Engineering Solution employs engineers and other highly qualified professionals in a multitude of disciplines which enables us to provide a wide range of consultancy services.

Our Objectives

In order to meet the general goal, the basic set objective of the firm is to contribute towards:

  • Country development endeavors by providing technical, educational and research expertise appropriate to the historically known but recently acknowledged context of sustainable and environmentally friendly devilment.
  • Eventual amelioration of difficult livelihood for the majority of Nepalese rural people whose life is at the brink of subsistence level at present.
  • Minimization of environmental degradation by development activities:
  • Minimization of mitigation measures in the fragile and unique Eco-system.
  • The socio-economical dimension of any development intervention.

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