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BIM Study Notes

BIM Study Notes is an educational platform for Bachelor of Information of Management students of Tribhuvan University. BIM Study Notes is also associated with the BIM Association of Nepal (BIMAN).

Who we are

You can get all the notes including the handwritten notes, videos, presentations, slides, pdf, lab sheets, eBooks, etc. based on the syllabus of courses.


The educational methodology implemented in Nepal is a traditional way of learning. The need and necessities of change in the education to facilitate the young learners are the foremost need which must be solved in a creative way. The students generally research themselves during their studies and classes and use it only for their final exams. What if it is shared among the new generation where they don’t have to start from scratch and find themselves in the boosted environment. Also, various training classes and solutions are restricted for the people who have not enough money to take classes.


The main benefit of Saral Notes is to create a learning platform for the students. The one-stop solution cut out the problem of students to rumors on different websites and places for learning something new. Along with that the content creator who offers the tutorials for Saral Notes also gets a benefit by directly getting paid for providing the notes lifelong. In this way, we can create a sustainable business model for an educational platform.

Our main motto of BIM Study Notes is: “A talent without the right platform and a platform without the right talent can never be a success.

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